Sheila has an incredible gift and I can’t begin to express my gratitude for her, and her knowledge, care and concentration during our multiple sessions. I’ve experienced many beautiful healings and personal growths with Sheila through BodyTalk, and am blessed to share just a small part of my story: Here is one, (of many), that particularly stands out for me ~

In one of my earliest sessions, I had an intention going in to find relief for my abscessed tooth. I was put on antibiotics the day before and was struggling with the pain and the impending cost and worry of preparing for a root canal or extraction in the coming days. During our session we dealt with lymph, body chemistry surrounding the bacteria, balancing nerve supply to the tooth, and balancing the meridians of my body. We covered so much within that little tooth’s roots, and that night the pain started to subside and within 2 days I had no pain at all. It was miraculous, truly! While I was still on antibiotics, I wasn’t sure what to praise for the healing though, that is until 6 days later when I had my follow up with my dentist, and to everyone’s astonishment, (everyone but Sheila :) ), my infection/root cavity had completely disappeared... To this day, that tooth has never had a problem and all exrays show it as a healthy, strong tooth with clean roots.

Thank you Sheila for all that you do through BodyTalk!



Sheila’s love and deep understanding for all aspects of our human experience - mind body & soul – makes sessions with her powerful!

I have worked with Sheila since the beginning of her BodyTalk journey and have watched her evolve into a practitioner who is now my ‘go to’ person when there is something going on in my world that needs to be addressed holistically, and as a complete system. Sheila’s love for anatomy, her skill as a BodyTalk practitioner and her connection to spirit truly makes her a gift to this world! I am so grateful for you Sheila! Thanks for showing up and helping to guide us all to healing.


Sheila is one of the most beautiful and amazing healers I have been to. She is very inviting, compassionate and authentic with her work. I can feel her passion and healing when she is working on me, and her knowledge and intuition is so clear and true. I very much trust Sheila and I highly recommend working with her! She will help you and heal in so many ways!


Reiki is amazing! I had been dealing with a lot of family stress and caring for a terminally ill mother. I was completely and totally stressed out. My friend recommended seeing Sheila. To be honest I was more than a bit skeptical, but literally minutes into our session I was feeling an easy relaxation and warmth I hadn't experienced before. Total relaxation. I released some emotion and some giant tears laying there on the table. Normally that would bother me and I would have felt so self-conscious, but I wasn't. I felt cared for and safe to just let it all out. Sheila is very authentic in her work and you can feel it. The best part was how clear and amazing I felt after, like I had let go of a huge weight I had been carrying around. 

(youth client)

BodyTalk and Reiki are great for you! They have helped me with school and sports especially. If I have a test and in sports if I'm in a slump or having trouble with teammate relationships. They really help with everything no matter what it is, so go try it out yourself with Sheila. I am always comfortable and never worried to have BodyTalk and/or Reiki. You don't even have to tell her your problems, she will just work with what comes up and it


Taking my Level 1 Reiki with Sheila was amazing; the attunement was so powerful and learning about the history of Reiki was very interesting. I loved that I had a symbol and a protocol that I could start working with immediately, and have had some amazing experiences with my own healing since the training. Sheila makes the material come alive with her personal stories of how she uses Reiki every day in her own life as well as her experience working with clients; it's incredibly inspiring. I've been using Reiki in my own life every day since! I love it! Thank-you so much for this wonderful tool, Sheila, I'm so grateful!

~ R. ~

I've been to see Sheila 3 times in this past year. Every time I go I remember and my body remembers the way it wants to always feel! Thank you Sheila and Reiki for giving my brain and body a much needed break. I feel like I can catch my breath when I come see you. 

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